This fan captured the perfect angle of Michael Block’s PGA Championship hole-in-one


By now, golf fans have all seen Michael Block’s PGA Championship hole-in-one more times than they can count. But it turns out a fan had the best angle of this legendary shot.

The 46-year-old club pro highlighted “the best week of his life” by making an ace on Oak Hill’s 15th hole during Sunday’s final round. Making the feat even more incredible was that he dunked a 7-iron on the fly, a moment that was shown on a slight delay by CBS (You can tell by the way Jim Nantz teased that “fairytale” line). Let’s check it out one(?) more time:

Absolutely amazing. No matter how many times we see it. But get ready for a new treat from a fan who just happened to be recording from left of the green while Block struck a shot that will go down in golf lore.

Not only did this person capture this incredible video, but someone in it can be heard saying “Get in the hole” twice before you see the ball go directly into the hole. Normally we’re not fans of such commentary, but in this case it’s cool because the guy didn’t shout, and, well, the ball actually went in the hole! Again, on the freaking fly! Anyway, have a look—and listen:

Unbelievable. This wasn’t a scene out of a movie (Although, it could be someday!), it actually happened. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

It’s a moment that will be remembered for a long time. Block says he’s already been offered $50,000 for the 7-iron that hit the shot. But lucky us, we all got to see it for free. OK, time to go watch this a few (hundred) times more.

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