PXG 0211 metalwood lineup includes drivers at a price you won’t believe


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Launching a new line at what it calls “an unexpected price,” PXG brings its top-of-the-line technology to its 0211 line. The moderately larger profiles in the driver, fairway woods and hybrids are designed with creating versatility and enhancing a player’s confidence level at address. The target is to appeal to a broad range of ability levels by blending multiple materials that enhance ball speed and forgiveness.

PRICE: Drivers: $375; fairway woods: $325; hybrids: $275 (available immediately).

The company’s 0211 Collection, which also features fairway woods, hybrids and a set of irons, is seen as “an opportunity to expand our audience,” according to Brad Schweigert, the company’s chief product officer.

“We really made it the goal that we make products for everybody regardless of your playing level or the price point you’re willing to spend,” he said.

Schweigert emphasized that neither the driver or the rest of the metalwoods is a dumbed down technological effort. That starts with the driver, most specifically its new titanium alloy in the face, a material Schweigert said he’s been looking for across his more than two decades of designing golf clubs.

That alloy, which is called Ti412, hasn’t been used on any PXG drivers to date (or any other manufacturers’ clubs), although Schweigert hinted it might be part of some new higher-end, future PXG models. It is Exhibit A in the company’s commitment to inject this lower-priced lineup with much of the same technology found in its luxury models.

“This is the perfect material for a driver because it has a very high yield strength,” Schweigert said. “So it’s very strong with a relatively low elastic modulus. Basically what that means is that for the same amount of stress, you get a little more bending in the face, but because it’s very high strength you get this bending without any permanent deformation. This allows us to make the face thin and strong and get more spring out of the face and that leads to more ball speeds.”

The 0211 driver’s technology package also includes a unique approach to both the crown and sole. On top, a central panel of carbon fiber is flanked by titanium sections. Together, they strengthen and lighten the crown, Schweigert said.

“This design lets us take mass away from where we don’t want it, which is the high middle of the driver,” he said. “The downside of carbon fiber is that as a viscoelastic material it actually damps and absorbs the energy of the impact. So we’ve tried to create this skeleton structure so that we prevent any energy losses during impact. That’s going to allow us to get the maximum amount of ball speed out of the face while at the same time allowing us to better locate the center of gravity and maximize the moment of inertia.”

On the bottom of the club, there’s a structure of rails that stretch from front to back. The rails strengthen the sole, allowing for thinner sections toward the front so more weight can be pushed lower and deeper at the back while at the same time preserving a solid sound and feel.

Like past PXG drivers, there’s a pad of thermoplastic elastomer set in the internal rear section of the sole. That improves sound and also helps add weight low and deep.

That slightly larger, friendlier profile continues with the 0211 fairway woods and hybrids, and each benefits from the carbon fiber panel design seen in the driver designs. While the face is deeper on the fairway woods, there’s also more of a rounded leading edge with relief on the heel and toe side for cleaner action through a variety of lies. The rail feature carries over, as well, and this reduces contact points with the ground while also lowering the center of gravity for better launch.

Like the fairway woods, the 0211 hybrids feature a high-strength HT1770 maraging steel face insert for better deflection at impact and greater ball speed. The more squared-off toe section creates more face area for better forgiveness and better face flexing at impact.

The 0211 fairway woods and hybrids use a customizable sole weight to better optimize swing weight. Its position towards the front helps lower the center of gravity for better launch with lower spin.

All 0211 metalwoods feature the PXG adjustable hosel, which covers a loft change of plus/minus 1.5 degrees.

The 0211 driver (9, 10.5 and 12 degrees), fairway woods (15, 18 and 21 degrees) and hybrids (19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees) will be offered through PXG.com, PXG’s mobile fitting vans and authorized PXG dealers.

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