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I went for a lesson playas. I needed to sort out some things that had been on my mind. I want to

– stop humping the ball
– stop swaying all over the place (some sway is normal, but not what I was doing)
– remove pain from my body after golf. I often peel myself out of bed in the morning after golf from pain on my right lower, middle and upper back into my neck.
– make impact IMPACTFUL and not a lottery by using my hands to miraculously square the face
– have more fun again on the golf course instead of being the scrambling man on default setting

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There are many ways to fix many problems. Eric is a retired golf pro who helped me out with a few lessons. The main thing I found with Eric was I trusted him and I liked the way he talked. That is enough to seal th deal to believe in the coach.

He learnt how I learned and then he adapted the lessons an the progression to me.

Whether or not we all agree on anything in the swing is not important. What is important is that correct impact is generic. Between address and impact, there are millions of ways to get the club back and back to the ball square.

I want to find my way of doing it the easiest. This is not a swing rebuild. This is me learning WHAT IT MEANS TO HIT THE GOLF BALL PROPERLY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.

I didn’t have resources when i was younger to go for pro coaching. Now I do so I am taking advantage of that. I want to show you how it works when you get coaching and I hope someone out there may change their whole game and stop listening to their friends advice.

I hope someone out there will stop watching GENERIC youtube SWING mechanic advice and go see a pro if they are struggling. I was struggling with pain and struggling with impact because I KNOW the way I play golf relies on too much timing of the hands.

If anyone believes taking lessons takes the game too seriously and that this is not in line with the theme of the channel, well you didn’t understand the Way of the Playa and the channel at all and it’s time to move along.

Anyone who wants to get lessons, MUST. And anyone who thinks they can do it on their own, good luck. If you’re in pain, can’t get the ball airborne, miss the target BIG left and then BIG right all the time, or on the verge of quitting the game due to swing problems…go see a coach and LISTEN. And PRACTICE what they tell you. Listen clearly no ego. If you take ego and purposefully misunderstand the coach and twist what the coach has told yuo, in some self sabotaging way to prove to yourself it doesn’t work, IT WON’T WORK. Listen clearly, gain FULL understanding and then check with the coach to make sure you are correctly doing it.

You can LEAP FROG your progress 6 months, 1 year, 2 years by seeing someone who knows instead of doing it yourself and struggling and creating more problems.

There are another 2 lessons coming up with all rounds in between the lessons on display on the channel.

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