How to Use Your Hips Correctly in the Golf Swing ala Vintage Tiger Woods

The Pro Power Move:

This golf lesson goes in depth on how to use your hips in both the backswing and downswing. It’s going to teach you exactly how to turn your hips and cover the nuances of the lower body movement.

You’re going to learn how to post up at impact for massive power like the long drive pros and longest hitters on the PGA Tour.

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The video you’ll see of tiger woods here is from the mid-2000s and you can see his superb hip movement during the transition and then the distinct and obvious pulling motion of his left lat to get the club down. Note how his left shoulder stays very low in relation to the right during the downswing.

If you look at most golfers, their left shoulder pops up straight away – common when pushing from the right or trying to power the swing with the shoulders instead of hips and arms.

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