How to Play Golf the Right Way – The Best On-Course Lesson Ever – REBUILDING Chapter 1

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REBUILDING THE PLAYA IN CHIEF CHAPTER 1: I have been struggling with golf playas. I just lacked motivation to go play. My body is a ball of knots. Life stress, life problems and work issues creep into your life and the golf is secondary. Then it starts falling to pieces.

But it’s time for a change. So I saw Michele Low for an on-course lesson at TPC Kuala Lumpur. In this new series, I will delve into what I am going to do until the end of the year to get my game in order. That will be swing lessons, body development, and on course work with pro’s and whoever.

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I want to get better and I need a more balanced life as work and this nonsense of the mask-wearing virus has separated me from my loved ones and caused a lot fo work stress. This is the first step. From this on course lesson I learned a few amazing things:

My putting needs work and Michele fixed it – now I have somehting to go work on.

My swing needs to be adjusted. I want to get rid of the sway in my swing which is a consequence of playing sports and also from a poor lifestyle of sitting for the last few years. I will see a swing coach.

Michele was practically showing me the way of the playa. It highlighted how far I have moved away from the path of the Way of the Playa because my brain is so scattered with other work and life stress when I do get to the golf course.

There is so much value in this video and Michele is a superb coach.

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